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The SimpleConsign API can allow your web site or any third party application to access your SimpleConsign data.

What You Can Do with the API

Generating Your API Key

Before you can use the API you have to create an API key inside your SimpleConsign account in your Location Settings.

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations, you must generate an API key for each individual location.


All requests are made by doing an HTTP GET/POST to the appropriate URL. The request should contain the required HTTP parameters. The results of the request are returned in JSON format.

HTTP Response Codes

The API may return more HTTP response codes than these, but these are likely the ones you will run into.

CodeMeaningWhat You Should Do
200SuccessParse and use the data that was returned from SimpleConsign
400Bad RequestThere is something wrong with the parameters that you sent in. You need to adjust the request so that the SimpleConsign API can understand your request. This can also be caused by not setting the Accepts and Content-Type headers to application/json.
404Resource not FoundIt is likely that you have typed in an incorrect API endpoint.
500Internal Server ErrorLikely this is our fault, and you should email to get the issue resolved.
503Server at CapacityWait and make the request at a later time while we resolve our capacity issues.

API Limits

You are only allowed to make up to 100 API requests in a 10 minute period. If you need to make more requests, please contact us.


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