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These rules are not necessary for most networks. EDNA should run fine without any network configuration changes. These rules should only be applied on networks with advanced security. If you are unsure whether or not you need to apply these rules, contact Traxia Support at (888) 860-8094 or email

Firewall Rules


amqp.traxia.comOUT5674TCPFor remote logging & cloud printing (cloud printing on Professional plan only)
traxia-edna.s3.amazonaws.comOUT443TCPFor downloading updates for EDNA
edna-cert.s3.amazonaws.comOUT443TCPFor downloading dependencies and configuration files for EDNA

Also Consider must resolve to and will fail if proxied since EDNA does not allow outside connections access to the underlying SignalR server for security reasons.

SimpleConsign will attempt to connect to on port 3362

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