Inventory Audit

After your store is open for a while, you can reconcile your inventory to account for loss of inventory. To start this process, go to the Dashboard Tab and click on the "Inventory Audit" button.

You will be prompted with the screen above. It shows your completed and currently open audits. You can continue an existing audit by clicking on the desired audit or you can choose to start a new one.

You have two options to choose from when starting a new audit. You can choose "New Full Audit" which will start an audit that includes all the inventory in your store. You also can choose "New Partial Audit" which will only look at the quantity differences for the inventory items you scan into it. Once you have made your choice, you will see this screen:

Before you begin, make sure your cursor is blinking in the field below.

If you are performing a full audit, make sure to scan all the items in your store. Any items you do not scan will have their quantities adjusted down to 0. If you are performing a partial audit, only the items you scan will be affected. Anything you don’t scan will be left alone. The partial audit is more for auditing the quantity of chosen items.

You can adjust or manually type in the quantity of your items after you have scanned them at least once by clicking on the item. You can then enter the quantity of that item.

You can take periodic breaks to review what you’ve done so far. When you are done scanning your inventory or you are just reviewing your progress so far, click on the "Review Audit" button.

If doing a partial audit, you will only see the items you scanned. If doing a full audit, you will see what you scanned along with the items you did not scan. From here you have two options. If you click “Ignore” the item’s quantity will not be affected by what you have or have not scanned. If you click “Apply” the item’s quantity will be adjusted to what is listed in the “Scanned Qty” column. If there is no difference, no changes will be made.

After looking over the list of items you have scanned and are comfortable that the results are accurate, you can complete your audit by clicking either the "Apply Remaining" or "Ignore Remaining" buttons. Otherwise, you can choose to ignore or apply changes to specific items. Then you can continue your audit by clicking the "Back To Audit" button.

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