Automatic Discount FAQs

What does "Do Not Discount" do?

This is a case of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). If the "do not discount" box is checked on a consignment item (no matter where or who checked it) then the item will not receive an automatic discount. This setting can be overridden on an item by item basis at check out and will still be impacted by transaction and coupon discounts.

What about out of stock items?

Items which are considered out of stock will not receive discount updates until they are restocked. In most cases, out of stock means the item has 0 quantity with the exception of drop-ship items.

What about drop-ship items?

Drop-ship items are considered in stock even at 0 quantity and will continue to receive automatic discount updates.

What if there's multiple applicable discounts?

The largest applicable automatic discount will be applied. Additional stacking discounts can be applied manually at checkout via either Transaction Discounts or Coupon Discounts.

How do I tell what discount will be automatically applied?

There's an un-editable discount % field on the inventory item details that will show you what the current automatic discount % is.

Will my automatic discounts sync to Shopify?

Yes, automatic discounts will automatically sync to Shopify.

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