Returns Tab

The Returns tab is used to refund money for an item that has already sold.

To perform a return, you must first have the receipt or the invoice number. If you do not have a receipt you must find the invoice number. You can find the invoice number a couple of different ways. If you associated the transaction to a customer, you can find the invoice number by going to the Customer Tab, finding the consignor and viewing their transaction history. You can also find the invoice number by scanning the tag of the item into the search field of the Inventory Tab, clicking on the item and then clicking the "View Transaction" link under the item's history.


Scanning the barcode/SKU of the item you are trying to return here will have no effect. You must use the barcode on the bottom of the receipt or type in the invoice number.

Once you have the invoice number or receipt, type in the invoice number or scan the barcode on the receipt to bring up the transaction.

Put a check next to the item(s) you'd like to refund and click the "Return" button.

Store Credit Refunds

You will not be able to refund as store credit unless you have a customer selected as shown above.

Input the refund amount into one or more of the refund methods and then click the "Complete Transaction" button.

Credit Card Refunds

You cannot refund to a credit card unless one was used as a payment type in the original transaction.

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