Selling a Gift Card

To sell a gift card, go to the Checkout tab and click the "Sell Gift Card" button.

This will add a new item to the transaction that looks like this...

The "Amount" field is the amount that will be stored on the gift card and is also the selling price. The "Scan Barcode / Unique Gift Card Id" field is for you to enter a unique ID for the specific gift card so SimpleConsign can track its balance. Many gift cards/certificates look like checks, you could enter the gift certificate(check) number in this field. If your gift cards do not have a unique ID and/or you do not want SimpleConsign to track gift card balances, you can check the "No barcode" checkbox.

Gift cards are not taxed and are not considered sales until they are redeemed.

From there you can complete the transaction as usual.

Gift Card FAQ

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