SimpleACH FAQ (Store Side)

Reading about the integration and setup is recommended before this FAQ


$2.50 will be charged per payout to the store when the SimpleACH payout method is used. If the store want to pass this fee along to the consignor they will need to enter 2.50 in Settings, some stores choose to charge more and make some money on this feature.

Failures and Balances

If a payment fails it typically means the consignor's bank account has been disconnected. This could be because the consignor changed their bank account password, closed their account, etc. The payment amount will be held in Dwolla / SimpleACH balance side and will retry from there instead of the store's bank account when you try to pay them out again.

Balance Check Failure: The bank account that you have linked needs to have all the money you need to pay your consignors and cover the 2.50 fee per payout

Consignor Email Addresses

If a consignor is signed up at one store that does SimpleACH that email address they used will be locked to that first location. They must use a different email address when they sign up at the second location. Dwolla requires unique identifiers so this is not something SimpleConsign can change. Having unique identifiers also helps if the consignor is at multiple stores for troubleshooting.

Where is my Consignor at in the signup process

Double click on the consignor on the consignment tab, on the right hand side you'll see checkboxes

Payout Time Frame

SimpleACH can take anywhere from 2-5 business days to appear in the consignor's bank account depending on the bank. Payouts will not go out on holidays or weekends and must be submitted before 3:30pm central time to meet the 2-5 business days deadline.

Payout Limits Per Consignor

The smallest amount that can be paid out is $5.01 - this is assuming the SimpleACH fee is set to $2.50. A larger fee would change the lowest amount you can pay out.

The largest amount that can be paid out is $10,000 - if a consignor has a larger balance than this you would need to do multiple payouts.

Bulk Retrying Payouts

If multiple payouts did not process successfully, which can happen for a variety of reasons, you can bulk retry all failed payouts by navigating to the payout history screen and selecting the "Retry All Failed" option.

This will then prompt the user to select the funding source to use for the payouts.

Then you can enter your user pin and SimpleACH password once to retry all failed payouts.


One SimpleACH account should be created for the company not one for each location under the company. Within SimpleACH configuration there is a option that appears after the initial account is created to add locations. Once another bank account is linked you can assign the bank account to the appropriate locations.

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