Adding and Editing Consignors

Adding a Consignor

It's a good practice to check if a new consignor was originally entered as a customer before creating a new account. If so, you can select the "Make Consignor" button on the customer profile to quickly create a consignor account.

Before adding a new consignor, be sure to search the list of existing consignors so a duplicate account doesn't get created. Then, from the Consignment Tab select the "Create New Consignor" button.

Editing a Consignor

If the consignor already exists and you would like to edit their information you can select the consignor from the list and select the "Edit Consignor Account" option.

Contact Info

Once the add/edit window is open a variety of information can be recorded. Every consignor get a linked customer account as well which is where we record the information on the left half of this screen. Visit the customer section for more information.

Consignor Info

The information on the right belongs to the consignor account.

Consignor Id

The consignor id is the account number for this person. If sequential ids are enabled this field will not be customizable. Otherwise, the system will generate a 6 digit number which can be manually changed as needed.

Consignor Access

More information about this feature can be found in the Consignor Access section.

Consignor Contract

More information about this feature can be found in the Consignor Contracts section.


By default, the consignor account will receive the splits from the location settings, but this can be overridden for this specific consignor by choosing either the "Flat Split" or "Tiered Split" option for this consignor.

This will impact only newly entered inventory. If all available for sale inventory for this consignor should have the split changed to the new setting please visit the Bulk Update Inventory Splits section.

Allowed to...

These options are toggleable for each consignor as well as the location as a whole. View the Consignor Access Setup section for more information.

Inventory Added is Marked as "Do Not Discount"

From when this setting is enabled and saved the default when adding new inventory for the consignor will be the item will not follow automatic discounts. This can be toggled on an item by item basis as well.

Monthly Fee

The monthly fee, fee day of month, and fee description fields are for charging a consistent amount to a consignor on a monthly basis. This is typically used for charging rent for Antique Mall style stores, but can be used for monthly memberships fees at Consignment Stores as well.

Discount %, discount start, and discount end are fields for setting the items in this consignor's account to a specific percentage off. This is typically used when a consignor at an Antique Mall.

CC Processing Fee

This determines whether this consignor will be charged the fee as configured in the location settings for their items purchased with a card.

Bulk Update Inventory Splits

This can be used to refactor available for sale items belonging to this consignor to a recently changed consignment split.

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