Adding and Editing Consignors

Adding a New Consignor
To add a new consignor, click on the green "New Consignor" button in the Consignor Search section where you will be prompted with the Add/Edit Consignor window.
Then, fill in the new consignor's name and contact info.

Adding New Consignors

When adding a new consignor the only required information is the first and last name.
Next, on the right side of the window, fill in the appropriate consignor options.
If you have multiple store locations, you can click the "Make Consignor" button to copy them to the location listed to the left of the button.
Consignor ID
A consignor ID will be generated automatically but you can change it if you'd like. You can use numbers and letters as an ID.
Consignor Access (Standard & Professional plans only)
This switch will enable/disable a consignors ability to access their account online. This option will not be available by default, this is a feature that can be added to your account for an additional cost. Please visit our Pricing page for more details on ConsignorAccess.
Pay By Check
This option enables/disables whether or not this consignor will show up on the list of consignors to pay out when doing a bulk payout by check. See the Paying Out Consignors page for help paying out consignors.
Default Store Split
By default, a new consignor will use the store's default store split set up in your settings. See the Consignment Options section of this guide for help changing this percentage. If you'd like to set a custom store split for a particular consignor, uncheck this box and enter the desired percentage. Remember, when entering a store split, you are entering the percentage the store takes from the sold item(s).
Allowed to Add Inventory (Professional plan only)
When enabled, this consignor will be able to enter their own inventory. If you are on the Professional plan and aren't seeing this option, see your Consignor Access Options to enable it.
Allowed to Withdraw Inventory (Professional plan only)
When enabled, this consignor will be able to withdraw the inventory they've entered. Withdrawing inventory is similar to deleting it except there will still be a record of the item in the consignor's account. It will have the status of "WITHDRAWN". If you are on the Professional plan and aren't seeing this option, see your Consignor Access Options to enable it.
Monthly Fee
This is an automatic fee that you can charge a consignor on a monthly basis. This amount will be deducted from their account and can make the account go negative. See the Accepting Consignor Payments page for help taking a payment from a consignor.
Fee Day of Month
Select what day of the month you'd like the charge to be applied on. They will be charged at the start of the selected day.
Fee Description
This is what the fee will be listed as when it gets applied to an account.
Discount %
This is the percentage that will come off of this consignor's item(s) as they get added to a transaction. This feature is great for when a consignor wants to place all of their items on sale for a given date range.
Discount Start & End
The date range the "Discount %" will be applied.
Send Consignor Access Invite (Standard & Professional plans only)
This will email a ConsignorAccess invite to this consignor. Make sure to switch on the Consignor Access switch above and enter their email address to the left before pressing this button. This can be used to reset a consignor's password if forgotten. Once you send the ConsignorAccess invite, you can always come back to the consignor's account and check the status of the sent invite. If the invite was sent successfully, it will show you the password that was sent. However, the password will no longer be visible if the consignor changes it once they access their account.
Identification Information
This will open a pop-up windows to enter/view this person's identification information.
Finally, add any applicable notes for this consignor. When done, click the "Save and Close" button.

Additional Options

See the Customer Tab for help with ID Info, Tax Exempt, and Store Credit sections.
Editing an Existing Consignor
To edit a consignor, select their name from the list by clicking on their name and then click the pencil button. You can also double click on a consignor to edit their account.
You will then be prompted with the Add/Edit Consignor window in which you can edit any details you need to for this consignor. Descriptions for all the options are above in the Adding a New Consignor section. When you're done editing the consignor, click the "Save and Close" button.