Saved Transactions

Saved transactions are incredibly useful for many reasons. Let's take a look at how to create one and how to manage the ones you have saved.

Saved transactions are intended to be in a saved state for a short period of time.

Saving a Transaction for Later

Once you have a transaction loaded in the checkout tab that you want to save you can select the Save Transaction button in the bottom left. You will then be prompted to enter a description for the saved transaction. If you've already linked a customer to the transaction this will be filled in for you with their name.

The transaction will then be added to the list of other saved transactions which can be found just below the complete transaction button.

Retrieving a Saved Transaction

To bring the transaction back up, simply click on the customer's name under the Saved Transactions list. If you have many saved transactions or need other information about the transaction to find the right one you can choose the Search Saved Transactions option instead.

This will pull up a screen where you can view a variety of information about the transactions as well as a search bar. Clicking "Restore Transaction" will place the transaction back in the checkout tab ready for completion.

The column headers are sortable by clicking on them. Clicking again reverses the order.

Restoring a Deleted Saved Transaction

If a saved transaction was deleted or lost by mistake you can restore them from their last save state by selecting the "Show Deleted" option in the top right. This will present any recently deleted saved transactions and allow them to be restored as well.

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