Starting a Layaway

To create a layaway, start a new transaction and add the desired layaway items to it.

Transaction Items

See the Adding Items to a Transaction page for help adding items to a transaction.

Next, associate the transaction with a current customer by typing their name in the "Customer" field and selecting their name from the dropdown menu.

Adding New Customers

If you need to add the customer you may do so at this time by selecting "Add New Customer."

Next, below the customer field, click the "Layaway" checkbox and fill in the amount the customer is going to put down.

Layaway Settings

To set up your layaway settings, see the Layaway Options section of this guide.

Changing A Layaway

Once you have completed a transaction to start a layaway you cannot add or remove items from that layaway. To do so, you must cancel the layaway and start a new one. For help canceling a layaway or doing anything else with a layaway, see the Layaway Tab.

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