Layaway Tab

For anything other than starting a layaway, use the Layaway tab.

Starting A Layaway

See the Starting a Layaway section of this guide for helping starting a layaway.

First, locate the layaway you want to change. All layaways will be listed in the bottom box of this tab. If you want to narrow down your list, search for a customer in the box above the list of layaways. Select the customer to see only their layaways.

Opening A Layaway

You can click anywhere on the layaway line item. However, if you click on the customer's name it will bring up the customer's account information, not the layaway details screen.

Once you have the layaway open, you can add payments and/or notes, change the expiration date, cancel the layaway and print a receipt.

To add a payment to a layaway, click the "Add Payment" button. You will then be prompted with the payment information screen.

From there you can choose the payment amount you'd like to add to the layaway.

To cancel a layaway, click the "Cancel & Return Items To Inventory" button. You will be prompted to enter how you'd like to return the money that has been put down on it thus far.

If your store policy states that you will not return money put down on a layaway, you can leave these fields blank and click the "Complete Transaction" button to not issue a refund.

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