Default Inventory to Used

Check box to default items added to system as used. Leave unchecked to have new as the default. This can be overridden at the time inventory is entered and also changed on a category level.

Show Cost on Sell Items

Check box to show cost of an item at the time of transaction. Leave box unchecked if you do not want to see the cost.

Use Services

Check box to access the service section of the program which allows the entry of non-taxed services like repairs, storage, or rentals.

Sales Tax Override on Terminal

Check this box if you want to allow your cashiers to override the sales tax at the point of sale for online sales or traveling to different location with a different sales tax.

Tax Store Owned Inventory

Uncheck this box if you do NOT want tax on store inventory. This option was added mainly for nonprofit stores, but may apply to other types.

Store Inventory Sold Below Quantity Alert

Turn this feature on if you'd like to be alerted (on the Checkout tab) when you're about to sell a store owned item below available quantity.

Set Item Ecommerce flag on Image Add

Check this box if you want an consignment or inventory item to be automatically flagged as an E-commerce item when a picture is added to the item.

Flag new store-owned items for Drop Shipping

Check this box if you want new, store-owned E-commerce items to be flagged for drop shipping when the item is entered in the system.

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