First Time Login
Welcome! We're glad you're here! If you haven't signed up yet, give us a try by signing up for a free trial.
Once you put your information, you'll take a brief survey. Upon completing that survey you'll land directly at the SimpleConsign Login Screen where you'll be given your Manager Login ID and have the opportunity to set your password.
If you didn't land on the Login Screen or exited before setting a password, you should have received an email with your Login ID and a link to setting your password.
Here's a link to the SimpleConsign Login Page. Log in if you're not already and continue on.
Your Manager ID is assigned to you specifically. Do not share this or your password with others.
Once logged in, you will be prompted with a screen that looks something like this...
Let's begin by clicking the "Got it!" button.
You will then be brought to the Back Office and you will see the Dashboard & Getting Started tabs...
Feel free to go though the tasks shown. Please see the Settings section of this guide for more information on setting up your store.
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