Terminal Settings
Terminal is another name for cash drawer. Create a terminal for each cash drawer in your store. You can also create a terminal if you intend on having a dedicated computer for logging in newly received inventory.
One terminal will already be available for use upon signing up.
Let’s set up the first terminal. Click on the terminal name in order to edit the terminal. In this case, click on “Terminal 1” and you will be prompted with a dialogue box.
You can choose to change the name of each terminal for organization if you wish. This will not have an affect on the terminal's functionality.
Next, choose a password that all your employees will use to log into this terminal. When finished, click the "Save" button.

Terminal Passwords

You can use the same password for multiple terminals.
To add additional terminals click on the green "Create New Terminal" button, then follow the steps above to complete the process of adding a terminal.

Multi-location Companies

Make sure to set up your terminals at each location you have and write down your Terminal ID(s). they are in this formation: T#####
If this is the first time you are setting up your store, the next section to go to is the User Settings section.
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