Consignor Contracts

Adding Consignor Contracts

For help navigating to this screen please visit the Consignment Settings article.

Once in the consignor contracts management screen you can create a new contract by selecting the "Create New Contract" button at the top.

Contracts can be edited by selecting the already created contract from the "existing contracts" dropdown.

This will open a contract creation screen where you can copy or type your consignment contract. Once you're happy with what you've got be sure to name the contract, edit the displayed company name, and save.

Assigning Contracts to a Consignor

Contracts can be assigned via a dropdown on the consignor profile and can be viewed by the consignor in the Contract tab in Consignor Access.

Bulk Contract Management

Contracts assigned to consignors can be managed in bulk to migrate consignors off one contract to another, remove a contract entirely, or put everyone who doesn't have one onto one. Just select the "Bulk Contract Management" button to dive in.

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