Custom Reports

Once you get comfortable with the concept of how custom reports are built you can start making them on your own. Custom reports are available in the Back Office of the software on the Reports tab.

Report Bases

There are different kinds of custom reports for looking up different kinds of things. If you want information about consignors, start with the consignor custom report option. Similarly, if you want information about Sold Online Inventory, you would start there.


The fields drop down has the information you can see for the report base you have selected. You can the fields you want to view.

If you'd like to rearrange the order of fields they can be dragged and dropped into any order you like


Filters will help you restrict the report so you only see what you want. For example, you can use a date created filter on a custom inventory report to see items that were entered after a certain date. Be sure to explore the different drop downs on each filter as there are quite a few customization options available.

Saving Custom Reports

Custom reports can be saved for later use. Once a report has been built there is an option to save. That will send the report over to the side and anyone with Back Office access will be able to view or run the report.

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