Logging In

Logging Into a Terminal

The terminal is for your day-to-day operations and is where employees will spend most of their time in SimpleConsign. For each cash drawer you have in your store, you will need a terminal to go with it.

Only one computer can be logged into each terminal at a time.

There are two ways to log into a terminal.

  • The first way is to log directly into a terminal from the main login screen.

  • The second is to log into the terminal via the Back Office.

Direct Login

There are three components to logging into the Terminal:

  • Terminal Login ID - always starts with a T followed by 5 numbers

  • Terminal Password

  • Employee Pin - always 4 numbers

The terminal login id and terminal password will be shared across all employees. The employee pin is something each employee should know for themselves and not shared with others.

For assistance with creating a Terminal please visit the Terminal Settings section.

Below is the login screen with sample login data for a Terminal. You can choose to either log into a Terminal or into the Back Office based on which information you enter.

Once you have entered the Terminal Login ID and password, click the "Login" button.

You will then be prompted to enter your user PIN. Enter your PIN and click the "Submit" button.

For assistance locating user pins please visit the User Settings section.

You will immediately be logged into the terminal.

Terminal Login via Back Office

The second way to log into a terminal is through the Back Office Dashboard Tab. First log into the Back Office. Then, click on the green "Login To Terminal" button.

If your store has multiple locations be sure the correct location is selected on the dropdown before logging into Terminals from the Back Office. If you have the wrong one selected you will ring up sales in the wrong location.

Then click the "Login" button next to the terminal you wish to log into.

Logging Into The Back Office

The Back Office is mainly for administrative tasks. Each employee with Back Office Access will have their own unique login and password. Manager IDs will be a six digit number.

For assistance locating Manger IDs please visit the User Settings section.

Once you enter the Login ID and password click the "Login" button.

You will immediately be logged into the Back Office.

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