Consignor Balance vs Store Credit

There are two different balances in the software that can work together or separately

Consignor balance is what is accumulated when consignment items are sold.

-This balance can be paid out in cash, check, SimpleACH, or store credit.

-This balance can be modified under the consignment tab with account adjustments.

Store Credit balance is balance that can only be spent in store.

-Store credit is at the customer level.

-This balance can be added to through a consignor payout, returning a sale, or manually modifying under the customer account.

Consignors are location specific, however when you make a consignor a matching customer is made along side it where store credit can be store. Customers are company wide.

At the time of checkout these two balances are combined by linking a customer at checkout. Store credit balance will be deducted then consignor balance.

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