Running a Transaction

Transaction Items

See the Adding Items to a Transaction page for help adding items to a transaction.

If you need to discount an item and/or transaction, see the Ways to Discount section of this guide.

If you'd like to associate a customer to a transaction, start typing their name into the Customer field and select their name from the dropdown you'll see as you start typing. Once you have a customer selected, their name will turn blue and will be underlined.

Adding New Customers

You can quick add a new customer to SimpleConsign from the Checkout tab by selecting the "+ New Customer" option from the customer list.

Not all customer fields will be displayed via the customer quick add. For a full customer add screen visit the Customer Tab to add the customer there.

Accepting Payment

When you're ready to complete the transaction, click the "Complete Transaction" button. This will open the payment screen.

Choose the payment method and click the "Complete Transaction" button to complete the transaction.

The $ buttons on the right are quick-keys for a cash payment.

To add your own custom payment types, see the Payment Type Options section.

Available Credit

Available credit is the total amount of money the linked customer has available to spend in store. This means it is the amount the customer has available in customer store credit and if they are also a consignor any amount they have in consignor balance converted to store credit.

If your company is multi-location and has use customer store credit and/or use consignor balance across locations enabled then Available Credit will be the total amount available to spend in store across all locations. If in one location there's a balance of -$100 and another location has a balance of $50 then the consignor will not have any available credit.

Additional Store Credit Example:

John Smith is a consignor with $50 in consignor balance and the store offers 10% in additional store credit percentages. He has no money in customer store credit.

His available credit would be $55.

  • $50 in consignor balance + $5 in additional store credit (10% of $50)

Consignor Balance + Customer Store Credit Example:

Cody Martin is a consignor with $50 in consignor balance and $25 in customer store credit. The store does not offer additional store credit percentages.

His available credit would be $75

  • $50 in consignor balance + $25 in customer store credit


Receipt options can be configured in the Receipt Settings section.

There are several options for receipts at the bottom of the payment screen. If a customer is linked to the transaction who has an email on file there is an additional option to email a receipt to them.

  • Customer Copy: the regular itemized receipt

  • Credit Card Receipt: the regular itemized receipt plus a spot for a signature

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