Running a Transaction

First, add all your items to the transaction.

Transaction Items

See the Adding Items to a Transaction page for help adding items to a transaction.
If you need to discount an item and/or transaction, see the Ways to Discount section of this guide.
If you'd like to associate a customer to a transaction, start typing their name into the Customer field and select their name from the dropdown you'll see as you start typing.
Once you have a customer selected, their name will turn blue and will be underlined.

Adding New Customers

You cannot add a new customer to SimpleConsign from the Checkout tab. You must use the Customer tab to add a new customer. See the Customer Tab section for instructions on how to add a customer to SimpleConsign.
When you're ready to complete the transaction, click the "Complete Transaction" button.
Choose the payment method and click the "Complete Transaction" button to complete the transaction. The $ buttons on the right are quick-keys for a Cash payment.

Custom Payments Types

To add your own custom payment types, see the Payment Type Options section.