Editing Consigned Items

Editing a Specific Item

If you want to edit a specific item's details you can click into the item via the SKU or double click on the item itself.

This will open the item details where you can make changes to a variety of sections. Once you've finished editing be sure to select "Save and Close" to preserve your hard work.

Quick Editing Multiple Items

If you only need to change the status, start/expire date, or tag color associated with an item, find the item in the search area, check the box to the right of the item, select your changes on the right and click the "Submit" button.

Only the statuses which a user can apply will be listed in the "New Status" dropdown. Any statuses which can only be applied by the system will not be included. Get more clarity in the glossary.

If you want to clear out the tag color from the selected items be sure to select "No Color" from the tag color drop down.

Editing in Bulk

For more heavy duty inventory editing the bulk inventory edit tool on the inventory tab is the place to go.

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