Editing Consigned Items

There are multiple ways of editing items in SimpleConsign. If you only need to edit the status, start and/or expiration date, or color associated with an item, find the item in the search area, check the box to the right of the item, select your changes on the right and click the "Submit" button.

Searching Consignment Inventory

See the Searching Consigned Inventory section of this guide for help searching for inventory.

Status Changes

When you change the status of an item it will also perform a function. Below is a table that will explain what will happen when you change the status of an item.
Active consigned inventory means just that. If an item ever leaves the ACTIVE status you can change it back. Please note that if an item expires and you switch it back to active without extending the expiration date, the item will expire again at midnight.
This status is there in case you want to donate an item to charity. The quantity will be adjusted down to zero(0).
You can use this to convert the selected item(s) to store inventory. If an item sells after it has been converted, all the money goes back to the store and the original consignor gets nothing.
Use this status if you are returning a consignor's items back to them. It will adjust the quantity of the item down to zero(0).
If you cannot find an item in the store, you can change it to this status. Changing an item to this status will adjust the quantity of the item down to zero(0).
If you find a damaged item you can change the status to DAMAGED. This status will adjust the quantity of the item down to zero(0).
If you have an item that you'd like to hold on to temporarily you can change it to this status. This status will not adjust the quantity of the item.
To change anything about an item, click on the SKU of the item to bring up it's details.

Editing Inventory In Bulk

You can also change the above things and change the consignor the item(s) are assigned to in bulk. See the Editing Inventory in Bulk page for more information.
From there you should see all the details for that item. Make your desired changes and click the "Save and Close" button.