Accepting Consignor Payments

If a consignor has a negative account balance and you'd like to accept a payment from them, select the consignor by clicking on their name and then click on the "Pay In" button.

The prompt that pops up will allow you to specify whether you want to take in a specific amount or accept payment on specific items.

Pay In Feature

If you do not see a "Pay In" button you will need to turn this feature on in your Settings. See the Consignment Options section of this guide for help turning this feature on.

Specific Amount Pay In

Specific Item(s) Pay In

Enter the amount you'd like to take as a payment (if using "Pay in a specific amount"), select the date you'd like the payment to be applied, select a payment type and enter a description for the pay in and select the item(s) to pay in on (if using "Pay in on specific items"). To complete this pay in, click the "Submit Pay In" button.

Accepting Pay Ins

Accepting a pay in for a specific amount will only adjust the consignor's balance whereas accepting a pay in on specific items will mark the item(s) as paid as well as adjust the consignor's balance.

Unavailable Payment Types

If the Cash and Credit options are not available as a Payment Type you are either trying to take a payment from the Back Office or the terminal you are trying to take a payment on is closed. Below is a list of related pages to help you with this.

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