Adding Consignor Inventory

To add consignor inventory, select the consignor by clicking on their name and then click the "Add Consignor Inventory" button.

If you've entered the same item in the past, you can search for it by entering part of it's name in the search bar and then pressing the "Enter" key.

When you find the item you are looking for, click on it and then you can click "Found My Item" to add additional quantities to the selected item's SKU. Otherwise, you can click "Add Similar Item" which will take the details from the selected item to create a new item. If you choose this option, you will also be able to change the details about the new item.

Adding Additional Previously Entered Inventory

If you select an item and the "Found My Item" button does not activate, it is because this is not an item that has been entered under this consignor's name in the past. However, you can use the "Add Similar Item" button to use the properties of the selected item and a new item will be generated with a new SKU.

If you are entering an item that you have not entered in the past, click the green plus sign to add a new blank item.

Fill in the field with the appropriate information. The category you choose for the item will determine the subfields you will get to fill in(i.e. Brand, Color, Size vs. Author, ISBN, Published Year). For more information on this, please see the Category Settings section of this guide. You may also choose the start date, expire date, tag color and category that all the items in the batch will go into by choosing it from the Defaults bar at the top of this window.

  • Category - How you will categorize your items

  • Used - To specify whether the item is new or used

  • Retail - The price the item will sell for

  • Extra Information - Added information you may want to enter about the item that you don't want to print on the tag or receipt

  • Vendor - A distributor you may have purchased the item from

  • Store Split - This is the percentage the store will take of the selling price of this item. This will automatically fill itself in based on your settings but you can also change the split for individual items from this screen

  • Start & Expire Date - The consignment period of an item before it expires, converts or goes into an "INGRACE" status

  • Color - This is usually used to reference the color of the tag you are going to print this item on. You can also discount by tag color, see the Discount Settings section of this guide for more information

  • Buyers & Item Fees - These fields should fill themselves in based on your settings but you can manually override these for a particular item if you'd like. See the Fee Options section of this guide for more information on buyers and item fees

  • Do Not Discount - Checking this box will stop this item from being automatically discounted by a sale or discount schedule. If this is checked this and you want to discount it, you would have to discount it manually before or at the time of sale

  • Memo Pricing - This is the amount the consignor will get regardless of what the item sells for. The store gets the difference between what the item sells for and the memo price the consignor gets. If the item sells for less than the memo price the consignor would still get the memo price amount and the store would take a loss for the difference

  • Copy - Will make a carbon copy of an item that will be given its own SKU

  • Remove - Will delete the specified item from the Add Store Inventory screen

After you've filled out the item's details, you can add more items by doing another search as outlined above or by clicking on the green plus sign. Click "Done" when you are finished entering all of your items. If you'd like to print labels for all the items you've just entered, check the "Print All" checkbox by the "Done" button before you click "Done."

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