Sold with the Wrong Consignor

An item sold with the wrong consignor attached to it, first step is to find out if the item has been paid out on. Find the item, you can search on the consignment tab, bottom inventory grid (you may need to check the Show Old Items checkbox to show older items depending on when this sold).

I can see from the above image that the item is linked to Consignor 1678, let's look at that consignor's account activity below. I can tell the top has not been paid out on because there is no green dot next to the entry date in the account activity window

Click on the SKU and modify the consignor here, click save and close

The item and account activity appear under the correct consignor

If the item has already been paid out on you will want to do account adjustments for the consignor that got paid and shouldn't have been and the consignor that should be paid.

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