Common Login Issues

Logging into the software can be tricky. Here's some things to check out if you're having an issue.

Understand How You Login

Basic login instructions and knowing the difference between Terminal and Back Office should be your first step.

Login Page


  • A 502 or 503 error when visiting

  • Software appears down, but other users/workstations aren't reporting issues


While the link to log into the software is located in many places the best path is visiting the login page directly. Here's the appropriate login link:

For additional help with logging in, please visit our login page.

User Login Not Working



Check if your login information is correct. Remember that user login ids are 6 digits and terminal login ids start with T followed by 5 digits. If you need assistance finding your login or terminal id, please reach out to the support team for assistance.

Password Resets

  • If you have typed in a six digit number for login and not received your reset email please check your spam folder first, messages sometime get filtered out of your inbox. If you didn't receive the email check alternate email addresses, your user in the software may not be tied to your primary email.

  • You can not reset passwords to a terminal like this below, terminal passwords are set by users with Back Office access.

Kicked Out of Terminals


  • Repeated pin requests

  • Unable to stay logged into the terminal

  • Losing progress on inventory entry, transactions, and/or other actions


Check what the terminal name is in the top left of the screen on each computer. If any of the computers have matching terminal names then you've found the problem. Make sure to log each computer into a different terminal to avoid this issue. Ideally, each terminal should be assigned to a specific computer or workstation.

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