Back Office vs. Terminal

Why are there two sides to the software?

SimpleConsign is broken into two different sections of the software - Back Office + Terminals. By splitting the software into an administrative portion and a cashier portion you can restrict who has access to your settings, reports, and snapshot information.

While we like to think the best of the people we hire it is always a good idea to give each user their own user account so you can restrict their permissions and see what actions they've completed within the software. This allows you to remove access for users with minimal impact on the rest of your store.

Back Office

The Back Office is for administrative purposes, allowing you to change store settings, view reports, add employees, change store details, and get store snapshots. Individual users can be restricted to specific locations as determined by their user settings.

Access to the Back Office is only granted to users at the Manager level and above.

Functions that require cash or a cash drawer will not be available in the Back Office.


The Terminals are for completing transactions, adding or withdrawing cash, returns, and changes specific to a location. This is a location specific section of the software. If your store has multiple physical locations you will have Terminals set up for each location.

Terminals can only sell inventory for the assigned Terminal location.

If your store has 2 checkout stations you should have at least 2 Terminals. One for each checkout station. More can be added for inventory check in stations.

What They Have In Common

You can complete the following actions in either the Back Office or a Terminal:

  • Add, edit, and change

    • Consignors

    • Consignor items

    • Store inventory

    • Customers

  • View Transactions

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