Custom Reports

Building a custom report is as easy as 1-2-3. You simply add your fields, then your filters and then click the "Run" button.

Think of the fields as if they were column headers in Excel. The report will only show you information for the fields you add. To add a field, just select it from the dropdown window. Feel free to choose as many as you’d like.

Once you’ve finished adding your fields, you must add filters. If you don’t specify any filters, the report will not limit any information you see. For example: If you do not specify a filter on the Inventory report, it will show you all the inventory you have entered into SimpleConsign. Just like fields, you can add as many filters as you’d like.

You can save the layout of your custom report by clicking on the "Save Report" button. Then fill in the “Report Name” and “Report Description” fields. Once you save the report, you can access it by clicking on its name and then run, edit or delete it.

The above report would show you all of the inventory currently in your store. The results below would look something like this:

Click the "Print all" link to print the results of your report. Click the "Export as CSV" link to download a CSV copy of the results.

Opening CSV Files

Microsoft Excel is a popular program that can open CSV files.

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