Layaway FAQ

"My consignor never got credited (in account activity) for an item that was placed on layaway, what happened?"

  • Layways are not completed transactions because the item(s) have not be paid for in full. Once all payments are made on a layaway the transaction will be on the Transaction tab and the consignor(s) will receive credit for their item being sold.

"A customer changed their mind after I put in a layaway payment in cash, how do I change the payment type?"

  • You have to click into the layaway on the Layaway tab and Cancel & Return Items to Inventory and start the layaway again. Return funds paid previously to store credit so you don't lose any credit card charges. Once finished with the return you can modify the store credit (on the customer tab) to apply whatever the correct amount should be when you place everything back on layaway.

"A customer wants to add / remove an item on their existing layaway, how do I edit the layaway?"

  • This is on the enhancements list, as of now you have to return the layaway and create it again with / without the items you want. Steps would be the same as the previous question.

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