EDNA Installation & Printer Setup

What is EDNA?

EDNA (Electronic Device Native Adapter) is SimpleConsign's software for printing receipts and labels. If you will not be printing on Avery labels, you'll need to download and install EDNA. Then you'll need to configure your printers.

Installing EDNA

  1. Log into a terminal and navigate to the Admin tab

  2. Click the Download button

  3. Run the installer that downloads and complete the installation wizard

What version do I have?

You can check your EDNA version in a couple places within the software. The first is on the Terminal side of the software in the Admin tab. Once EDNA is installed the version number will display (in this case

The second place is within the printers section in the top right of the software no matter where you are. Just navigate to EDNA Printers and you'll see the installed version number listed in the top left (also

Configuring Printers

  1. After installing EDNA, refresh SimpleConsign and click the Printers option on the top right corner of the screen

  2. In the Printers window, navigate to the EDNA Printers tab. You should see your printers listed. No 'EDNA Printers' tab? It can take a minute or so for EDNA to be fully operational. Refresh your browser and check again. If you're still not seeing this tab after 5 minutes, please contact Support at (888) 860-8094

  3. Next to each of your printers, click the Add Printer link

  4. Name the printer as you desire or leave what has been automatically filled in

  5. Click the Add _____ Printer button to finish configuring this printer

  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for all printers you have

  7. Go back to the Printer Mapping tab

  8. Assign your printers appropriately using the RECEIPT PRINTER and LABEL PRINTERS dropdowns

  9. For some labels we offer variations of text sizes and layouts. If available you can find and choose them here

  10. That's it! Simply close that window and you're ready to print!

But how do I print?

Here's our page for Printing Consignment Labels.

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