March 2022


🐞Bug Fix


💡Added support for Avery Labels on A4 sized paper for our customers Australia 🏁

💡Added hot keys to the Check-Out screen for faster navigation during the checkout process (Ctrl+Shift to pull up the hot key preview)

💡Added ability for "is, is not, is like, and is not like" filters on the custom reports to work with blank text fields (This allows for filtering to find accounts with blank middle names, for example)


💡Added ability to filter by category, status, brand (location level only), store owned vs consigned vs. all inventory, in-stock inventory vs. all inventory on the Inventory Tab

💡Added ability to print labels from the Inventory Tab

💡Added ability to add search results to bulk inventory edit from the Inventory Tab

💡Added ability for Admin level users to refactor splits on the Consignor level from the Consignor Profile

💡Added Location and User Level filtering to the User tabs in the Back Office

💡Added ability for consignors with add, edit, and view, permissions in Consignor Access to add, edit, and view the UPC field (This allows them to barcode their own items and when combined with a previous UPC improvement their unique barcodes will scan like SKUs at checkout)

💡MSRP can now optionally be printed on labels and tags

💡Added additional fields to the custom Online Transaction Report including order number, transaction type (sell vs return), and source (Shopify)

🐞Custom category resale percentages were not overriding location level resale percentages


💡Added ability for custom e-commerce tags to be added during item creation

💡Added ability for stores to give consignors permission to edit their inventory from Consignor Access. This includes the permission on the location settings as well as consignor settings

🐞No longer copying the Consignor Access URL when copying settings over for new location creation

🐞Corrected an issue with expiring Consignor Balances

🐞Corrected formatting of with formatting of the Consignor Inventory Report on the Consignment Tab

🐞Corrected issue with cursor behavior and placement after search on the Consignment Tab

🐞Corrected issue with cursor placement after navigating to the Inventory Tab

🐞Corrected issue that caused the inventory history button to be unclickable

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