Data Upload/Download
The data section can be used to either download or upload information to SimpleConsign. To download information, click on one of the buttons in the download section. There is a screenshot below of what these look like. Feel free to download information as often as you’d like.

Downloading data

When you download data from SimpleConsign the files will be in CSV(Comma Separated Value) format.
There are multiple programs out there that can open and edit CSV files. A popular option is Microsoft Excel.
To upload data into SimpleConsign, get an updated copy of the CSV templates. To do this, download the file type you’d like to upload, open it and delete the entries listed on the file. You can leave the headers for ease of use.
From there you can add your own rows of data to upload to SimpleConsign.
Below is an example of how a Customer CSV might look.

Uploading Data

Upload data at your own risk.
For more help with uploading information to SimpleConsign please contact Technical Support:
Phone: (573) 441-8005, Option 2
Toll Free: (888) 860-8094, Option 2
If this is the first time you are setting up your store, the next section to go to is the QuickBooks Settings section.
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