Photo App

What's it for?

The photo app is only available with the Professional Plan

This application was put in place for three reasons

  • To upload images to inventory more efficiently

  • To automatically mark inventory as ecommerce using the "Set Item Ecommerce flag on Image Add" setting

  • Quality control: the same quality picture can be taken by everyone at the store on the device the app is installed on

Download the Photo App

On your device open the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android) and search for SimpleConsign. Download the SimpleConsign Photo app.

Once the app is installed, open it and you should see the following screen.

Pairing the app to SimpleConsign

  1. Sign into the Back Office side of the software

  2. Click Settings

  3. The pairing code is displayed on all tabs at the bottom of the Settings window (On the Options tab is where you will see the additional setting to automatically mark ecommerce on image add)

If your pairing code will not generate you are not signed in as the primary user, feel free to contact support for help or find out who you need to talk to in your organization.

Using the App

Enter your pin, this is the same pin you use in SimpleConsign. If you don't know your pin you can find it in the Back Office under Users. Double click any user to see their pin.

Once you are signed in you'll see a list of the most recently added inventory

The eCommerce on image add feature needs to be disabled when working with inventory item families (called variants in Shopify). Our recommendation is to unmark the family as ecommerce in SimpleConsign, make changes to the items, then mark the family as ecommerce again.

Select any item to take a picture, you can also browse your camera roll to pull in pictures that have filtering or editing that you've done outside the app.

If you are a user that has multiple locations under the same company you can click on the menu on the top of the screen to take pictures at your other location

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