Customer Tab

The Customer tab can be used for a variety of things like keeping track of customer information, loyalty and purchase history.

To add a new customer, click on the green plus sign. There will be a number of fields to fill out but the only required ones are "First Name" and "Last Name." When you are done filling in the information, click the "Save and Close" button.

Customers & Consignors

A consignor is automatically added to the Customer tab when they are input into SimpleConsign. However, customers are not automatically added as consignors. If you'd like to make a customer into a consignor, simply click the "Make Consignor" button on the top right corner of their account.

If the customer is a tax exempt customer, toggle the "Tax Exempt" switch to "ON" and fill in their tax exempt ID. If you select a tax exempt customer when ringing up a transaction, the transaction will automatically be tax exempt.

The "Modify" button will allow you change the amount of store credit the customer has. It will not add or subtract a specified amount. Ex: If their store credit total is $10.00 and you enter $7.00 after clicking the "Modify" button, the store credit amount will be adjusted down to $7.00.

To edit a customer, select them by clicking on their name and then click the pencil icon.

To see a customer's transaction history and total money spent, select the customer by clicking on their name. Both their transaction history and total money spent will then show on the right side of the screen.

Multi-store Companies

For companies with multiple stores: Customers are held at the company level so a customer created at one store will automatically be available at the other store(s) in your company. However, store credit is held at the store level so if a customer has store credit at one store it may not readily available for use at another, depending on your Company Settings.

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