Here is where you will set up the bulk of your store settings.
Cashier Idle Time (in seconds)
This is the amount of idle time before SimpleConsign will lock at which time an employee PIN number must be entered.
Show Cost on Sell Items
This setting allows you to view the cost of an item after you’ve added it to a transaction. This will not be visible to your customers, only you and your employees.
Default Inventory to Used
When adding inventory this setting defaults items to used.
Use Services
This setting enables/disables the Services tab on the Terminal side of SimpleConsign.
Additional Store Credit %
This is a percentage that can be added to the consignor’s split if they choose to use their balance as store credit. Ex: If the consignor's balance is $10 and your Additional Store Credit % is set to 10%, the consignor would get $11 if they choose to get paid in store credit.
Allow Sales Tax Override at POS
Enabling this setting gives you a dropdown box on the Checkout tab that gives you the ability to change the tax category for any given transaction.
Using Cash Drawer
Enable this setting if you have a cash drawer that connects to your receipt printer.
Tax On Store Inventory
Controls whether or not store owned inventory is taxed. This is enabled by default.

Multi-location Companies

Make sure to complete this step for each location you have.
If this is the first time you are setting up your store, the next section to go to is the Printing Options section.
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