Ways to Discount

There are four ways you can discount at the time of sale...

Store Split Calculation

The store split is calculated based on the price the item sells for. Ex: If you sell a $10 item for $8, the split will be calculated from the $8 selling price.
Item Discount by Percentage or Amount
You can discount an item by a specified percentage or amount. Click on the appropriate choice and fill in the amount/percentage that you'd like to take off the item.
Item Discount by Price Override
You can also discount an item by changing the price directly.


This feature allows you to either increase or decrease the price of an item.
First, click the Override button.
Next, fill in the amount that you'd like to change the price to and click "OK".
Transaction Discount by Percentage
You can also discount all items on the transaction by a specific percentage in the Current Transaction box to the right.
In the example above, the "Infinity Knot Diamond Necklace in 18KT Yellow Gold" item has an item discount as well as a transaction discount. When an item is discounted this way, the item discount is applied first and then the transaction discount is applied to the already discounted price.

Item Discounts

The three discounting methods above will decrease the amount the consignor will get. The split is calculated based on what an item sells for, not the retail price. If you'd like to discount a transaction and not affect the consignor's split, use the method below.
Transaction Discount by "Coupon"
You can create an item with a negative retail value and add it to the transaction.
Using this method will deduct a specified amount from the transaction but the selling price of the item stays the same.

Transaction Discounts

The "Name" of the item can be whatever you'd like. Also, if there is a "Cost" field, leave it at 0.