Price Compare

What is it?

Price compare allows you to check what similar items are priced at on a variety of online platforms using the click of a button. We take the data you've entered for the item and construct a search and you choose where you want to compare.

Adding New Items

Good news - price compare doesn't require any fancy set up or preparation and is available for both store owned and consigned inventory. Simply enter the details for your items in their dedicated fields and select the Compare Price option in the bottom left.

This will expand to reveal a selection of retailers to search for similar items.

Once you select a search option a new tab will open with your search completed. The constructed search will include the item name, brand, and category.

Updating Existing Items

Want to check the price on an item that was already entered? Just navigate the the item edit screen and select the "Compare Price" button at the bottom of the screen to get the same options as when adding inventory.

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