Consignor Access Setup

Store Setup

For more information on Consignor Access as a feature and completing store side setup visit the Consignor Access Settings page.

Here are some key things to keep in mind on the store side:

Consignor Setup

To enable Consignor Access for a consignor their account must have the following things:

Consignor Central

Professional plans have the Consignor Central Upgrade and Dealer Item Entry upgrades available in addition to the Consignor Access features available on the Standard plan.

Dealer Item Entry

Additional options for Dealer (Consignor) Inventory Management can be enabled on the consignor profile. This is where you can decide if you would like the consignor to add, withdraw, or edit their inventory. In order for these options to be viewable on consignor profiles, they must first be enabled for the store in the Consignor Access Settings.

If you would like these settings to be enabled for all consignors please submit a support ticket and we can bulk set this for you. You will be responsible for setting it when new consignors are added.


The "Log Into Consignor Access" button allows the store to log into the Consignor's profile on Consignor Access and see what they see.

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