Credit Card Processing

We offer the ability to integrate your credit card processing with SimpleConsign for easy processing of payments. This allows your employees to focus on the customer rather than navigating multiple systems or windows to collect a payment for a transaction. We have several options for integrated credit card processing which are available for viewing on our website.
Debit card voids may not be available through your processor. Please confirm whether you have the ability to void debit transactions. The best practice is to always perform a return for purchases made with a debit card that need to be reversed.
A separate compatible credit card processing account is required to connect this integration. The integration with our software does not include the cost of a any credit card processing fees agreed to with your processor. The integration is included on all plan levels of SimpleConsign.

Set Up

Generally, once you've received and set up the hardware (EMV devices) from your processor SimpleConsign should have already received the credentials for integrating your account. Your card processor is responsible for setting up the device(s): this means connecting them to your network so they can communicate. Please reach out to the card processor on troubleshooting this as it's their device and SimpleConsign support does not have the manually to configure these machines. Once your devices are online reach out to our support team.

Status Pages

If you're experiencing issues with your integrated credit card processing the first place to check is whether your processor is experiencing any downtime. We have quick links and contact information for our integrated credit card processors available on our Partner Status Pages section in the User Guide.

Propelr Processing

Lane 5000 Device Setup
SimplePay Lane_5000 Guide (1).pdf
Clover Flex Device Setup
SimplePay_Clover Flex Guide (1).pdf

Our Role

Our role in processing credit cards after set up is complete and credentials have been entered would be to tie the EMV device to terminal(s). To add an EMV device to SimpleConsign please go to the Back Office side of the software, click Settings then EMV.
  1. 1.
    Select the desired location you are setting up
  2. 2.
    Click Find New EMV Devices. You'll want to make sure you name the EMV a meaningful name so you know which EMV goes to which terminal. Click Save and Exit.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Get to the physical location where terminal 1 is and refresh the screen. You'll see a drop down to select device, choose which EMV device is on this computer.
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
    Run a test transaction to make sure everything is working correctly.
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