Running the End Of Day Process

The End of Day Process is used for reconciling your drawer counts after you've closed your store for the day. It is important that you run this process at the end of each day you are open for business.

You can run this process from the Dashboard tab in the Back Office or from the Admin tab in a terminal.

Close All Terminals

All terminals must be closed before you can run the End of Day Process. For more help with this, see the Closing a Terminal section of this guide.

This process is simply comparing your expected and actual totals. Your expected totals are what SimpleConsign says you should have based on sales, payouts, returns, etc. Your actual totals are a total of what you entered when you closed out your terminals.

The top half of this window will show the store totals for the day. The bottom half shows you a breakdown of your individual terminals. If you only have one terminal in your store, these will look very similar.

In the example above, the actual cash total is $0.05 less from the expected. At this point in time you can recount your cash drawer, checks and credit card receipts and fix anything that may be off. In the example above, assume that everything was counted correctly and don't change anything. Finalize it just as it is. When you're confident the numbers on your end of day are correct, click the "Finalize" button to complete the End of Day Process.

You can also choose to finish this process at a later time by clicking the "Finalize Later" button or cancel this end of day by clicking the "Cancel End Of Day" button.

Final Is Final

Once you finalize the End of Day Process, there is no going back to alter these numbers later. Be sure that they are correct before finalizing.

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