Discount Settings
Discounts can be applied in various ways in SimpleConsign. The first one is by discount schedule. To add a discount schedule to your consigned items, click the "Add Day" button. Add as many entries as necessary to complete your discount schedule.

Overlapping Discounts

If discounts happen to overlap one another, the larger discount will be applied.

Discount Schedule

The discount percentages above indicate the total percentage off the retail price; they are not added together.
To apply a discount by tag color, fill in the discount % field and choose a date range that you’d like the discount to be applied to.
Finally, you can discount by category by selecting the category, entering the discount percentage, selecting the discount date range and clicking the "Add" button. To delete a category discount, put a check in the box next to the discount and click the "Delete Selected" button.

Multi-location Companies

Make sure to set up your discounts for each location you have.
If this is the first time you are setting up your store, the next section to go to is the Data Upload/Download section.
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