Add a Location

The company setting section is viewable to the Primary User of the company while logged into the Back Office. Click on the Settings button in the top right corner and select the "Company" tab.

In the top right you should see a button for "Add a new location".

Adding the Location

There will be several steps to complete before the location is added to your company.

Naming the Location and Copying Settings

The first screen will allow you to name your new location. Usually, the location name is a reference to the physical location of the store. For example: "Consignment Store South" or "Consignment Store Springfield".

Then, if you'd like the configuration of the new location to have a jumpstart, you can copy the settings from an existing location.

Select a Plan

You'll need to select a plan for your new location. It is typical for the plan level to match your other location/s.


This is a summary screen displaying the new location name and selected plan level. If everything looks good you can click the "Create New Location" button to complete this process.

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