Adding Items to a Transaction

This section goes over how to add items to a transaction.

If you see the following message you need to open the terminal before continuing. See the Opening a Terminal section of this guide to learn how to open a terminal.

There are three ways to add an item to a transaction:

Scanning the Barcode

Searching For the Item

Add New Item Shortcut(usually used in antique malls.)

Below is an image showing where to find the Sell Items search bar.

Scanning the Barcode

First, click inside the search bar next to the green tag. Then, scan the barcode and the item will automatically be added to the transaction.

Searching For the Item

First, click inside the search bar next to the green tag. Next, type in a short description of the item name you want to find and press the "Enter" key.

SimpleConsign will do a search through your inventory and display the search results. If it does not find any inventory matching your search, it will add a new blank item to the transaction where you will be able to fill in details for the blank item at that time.

From there you have 4 options. If you did not find the item you were looking, for you can click the "Try Another Search" button and search again. If you find your item and wish to add it to the transaction, either double click on the item or select it by clicking it once and then clicking the "Found My Item" button. You can also add a new item to your inventory from here. If you wish to take some of the details from another item that had been previously entered, you can select that item and click the "Add Similar Item" button and edit the details from there. You can also add a blank item that will have the name of whatever you searched for by clicking the "Enter Item Manually" button and you can fill in the rest of the details from there.

Add New Item Shortcut

This way will add an item to your inventory and sell it in the same transaction. This method is usually used in antique malls. Click inside the search area next to the green tag as done above and type in an item using the following formula: "ConsignorID Price ItemName" There is an example below.

Even Dollar Amounts

If the item's price is an even dollar amount, ".00" is required in the price as shown above.

Press the "Enter" key and a new item will be added to the transaction. You can then click on the item and fill in any additional information you may need.

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