Shopify FAQ

How large of an image can I upload through SimpleConsign to Shopify for products?

  • Images greater than 5 megabytes will be rejected if uploaded through a browser. We only accept .JPG and .PNG files. Larger photos can be uploaded through the photo app

I want to upload product images directly to Shopify, how can I do do this?

  • SimpleConsign is the source of information, all changes with products (images, descriptions, tags) need to happen within SimpleConsign. If you edit products directly on Shopify those changes will be overwrote when bulk syncs happen at night to keep all your inventory updated.

I would like help with my theme or SEO, who can I reach out to for help? Do you have a Shopify developer you recommend?

I want to do live selling, is that something you support?

My online sales don't show as transactions in SimpleConsign, where are they?

  • We pull all sales information (including taxes) from Shopify. That information is listed on the Online Sales Report within SimpleConsign. Also your consignors will be automatically credited when their items sell, the inventory will be synchronized within SimpleConsign and Shopify, and you'll see the Shopify order number will be on the history tab of the item in SimpleConsign - Sales numbers are just on the Online Sales report rather than your Sales Report for the SimpleConsign Store.

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