Remote Support

Remote Support allows our support team to connect directly to your computer to better assist with any issue you may encounter.

Remote Support is not compatible with tablets and non Mac or Windows operating systems. This includes, but is not limited to Chromebooks, iPads, and Android Tablets.

Download Remote Support

The Remote Support application can be found by navigating to Click the "Download Remote Support" button and allow the download to complete before navigating to your downloads folder. For more information on the installation process, navigate to the appropriate section below.


Once you have located Remote Support in your downloads folder, right-click to open the action menu. Navigate to the "Send to" option then select "Desktop (create shortcut)" to allow for easy access to the Remote Support app from the desktop.


Once you have located Remote Support in your downloads folder, double-click to open the next window. You should see a window appear that looks like the following:

Drag the Remote Support Icon over to the Applications icon within that window. This will move the Remote Support app to your applications folder. You can then locate the app for use within your Applications folder.

Mac has additional security preferences we'll want to set up before using Remote Support. Navigate to System Preferences by selecting the Apple Icon in the top left corner. You should see System Preferences listed as an option.

Within System Preferences you should see Security & Privacy. Click into that option.

The following window will appear. You will need to unlock the lock in the bottom left corner with the system password to be able to make changes within these settings.

The three settings we need to adjust are:

  • Accessibility

    • Will allow Remote Support to control your mouse and keyboard

  • Full Disk Access

    • Allows for files like logs or certificates to be copied over from your computer for further troubleshooting

  • Screen Recording

    • Allows for Remote Support to see your screen

Once you have unlocked the lock and selected a setting, make sure Remote Support is checked in the list to the right.

If Remote Support is not in the list to the right select the + button and navigate to the Applications folder in the new window. Find Remote Support within Applications to add it to the list. Then make sure the checkbox is marked before repeating these steps for Full Disk Access and Screen Recording.

Using Remote Support

Once you have Remote Support downloaded, open the application from the appropriate location depending on your operating system. Use the section above as reference. Once you launch the application you should see the window shown below. There may be a few permissions windows as well, be sure to accept those. Enter your name and the company name and select "Submit". You will then be placed in the queue for the support team.

Please ensure you have submitted a support ticket as well as opening Remote Support will not add you to the support ticket queue.

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