Using Reward Points

To use a customer's reward points toward a purchase you must first select the customer.

Adding New Customers

You cannot add a new customer to SimpleConsign from this tab. See the Customer Tab section of this guide for help adding new customers.
Once you have the customer selected, you can use their reward points by clicking on the "Use Reward Points" button.
From there, choose how many reward points they'd like to use. This screen will also show you the dollar amount that will be deducted from the transaction's Sub Total.
You can do this multiple times on a single transaction to be able to use as many reward points as possible.
Once you are done adding reward points, you can complete the transaction like normal.

Reward Points

Reward points are awarded based on full dollars spent. Customers will only receive points for the Sub Total (before taxes) of the transaction. They will not receive points for the amount deducted from points used. Consignors will receive their full percentage even if reward points are used to discount a transaction.