Using Reward Points

Setting up Reward Points

Reward points can be enabled in your location's settings.

Connect a Customer

To use a customer's reward points toward a purchase you must first select the customer. Visit the Adding a Customer to a Transaction page for more information.

Redeeming a Reward

Once a customer is assigned to a transaction you should see the "Use Reward Points" button at the bottom of the screen.

Selecting a Reward

The rewards points screen will present the rewards that are available to the customer based on how many points the customer has available in their account and the redemption tiers set up for the location.

Select the reward you would like to apply to the transaction and you will see it displayed as a line item in the transaction.

Once you are done adding reward points, you can complete the transaction like normal.

Earning Reward Points

Reward points are awarded based on full dollars spent. Customers will only receive points for the Sub Total (before taxes) of the transaction. They will not receive points for the amount deducted from points used. Consignors will receive their full split on items even if reward points are used to discount a transaction unless configured differently in the reward points .

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