Closing a Terminal

Navigate to the Admin tab while logged into a Terminal and select the "Close Terminal" option.

You will be prompted with a table to enter your totals for the day. Total up the money you took throughout the day and fill in the fields appropriately. We will autofill the expected totals for the credit card processing amounts so they only need to be adjusted if the amount recorded by your processor is different. When done, click the "Close Terminal" button.

Be sure to count all cash that's in the drawer, including your opening amount, as it will be accounted for in the End of Day Process.

These Numbers Are Not Final

You will have a chance to edit these numbers when you run your End of Day Process. Once you have finalized your End of Day Process you will no longer be able to edit these numbers.

Your terminal is now closed. Once all your terminals are closed, you are ready to run your End of Day Process. For help running the End of Day Process, see the Running the End Of Day Process section of this guide.

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