QuickBooks Settings
From the QuickBooks section you can integrate your payouts to consignors using a check with your QuickBooks account.

Supported QuickBooks Versions

Currently, integration does not work with the online version of QuickBooks and only works with the installed versions of 2007 and later.
The first step is to download the QuickBooks Web Connector. You can get to the WebConnector download here.

Web Connector Versions

There are two versions of the QuickBooks Web Connector. One for versions through 2011 and another for versions 2012 and later.
Once you have downloaded and installed the web connector, click on "Download QWC File" button and choose a location to save that file to. Fill in the "Name of your account to enter Payouts under" field exactly as it appears in QuickBooks. Fill in the "Name of account for your Bank" field exactly as it appears in QuickBooks.
Next, open up the web connector and click Add Application and select the QWC file you downloaded from SimpleConsign earlier.

Start QuickBooks First

Make sure you have started QuickBooks with your company loaded before running the Web Connector.
Finally, enter the password used to log in and download the QWC file from SimpleConsign and click the Accept button in the dialog box that popped up in QuickBooks.
If you encounter any problems, please contact Traxia Support:
Toll Free: (888) 860-8094, Option 2
Local: (573) 441-8005, Option 2
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