Transferring Inventory

To transfer inventory from one store location to another, click the "Inventory Transfer" button. You will then see all pending and completed transfers.

To start a new inventory transfer, click the "Create New Inventory Transfer" button. From there, choose which location you want to transfer inventory to.

You can scan or search for the items you want to transfer. When you're done adding the items you're going to transfer, click the "Finalize Shipment" button. You can also save this transfer to finish at another time by clicking the "Finish Later" button. To cancel this transfer, click the "Cancel Transfer" button.

Next, print the Inventory Transfer paperwork and include it with your shipment/delivery.

Once the transferred items arrive at the receiving store, you must receive them into that store's inventory before they will be visible. From the receiving location, go to the Inventory tab, and click the "Inventory Transfer" button. Now you must find the appropriate transfer to complete. Scan the barcode on the Inventory Transfer printout to bring up the transfer.

Inventory Transfer Barcodes

If a barcode does not scan or print on the paperwork, you can type in the "Lookup Code" or click on the appropriate transfer.

To complete this transfer, scan the barcodes of all the items in this transfer and then click the "Receive Items and Finalize Transfer" button. If you do not want to scan each item, you can click the "Receive All Items" button.

To finalize the transfer, click the "OK" button.

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