Consignment Options
Expire Days
This is how long after the start date that an item will expire.
Consignment Store Split %
This is the default setting for what percentage the store will get from an item sold.
Consignment Grace Period Days
The period of time after the expiration date that a consignor can sell or pick up their item before it converts to store inventory.
Items at end of grace period will
Choose whether you want items to expire after their expiration date or convert to store inventory. If you choose the "Expire" option, items will go into an "EXPIRED" status. If an expired item sells, the consignor will still get credit for the item. If you choose the "Convert To Store Inventory" the items will go into a "CONVERTED" status. Should a converted item sell, the store receives the full amount of what the item sells for and the consignor will not be credited for the sale.
Minimum Payout Amount
This is the default amount of money you owe a consignor before SimpleConsign will allow you to payout a consignor when doing bulk payouts. This can be overridden at the time of payout.
Accept Consignor Payments
This gives you the ability to take in payments from a consignor should they have a negative balance.
Ignore $0 entries
In the Account Activity window for a consignor, this setting will hide any entries for sold items that the consignor will get $0.00 for.
No Consignor Sale Notification
Choose this option if you’d like to be notified at the time of sale when selling one or more items that are not consigned.
Payout Report Note
A note that will be added at the bottom of each payout report.
Memo Pricing
This allows you to set a dollar amount(not %) that the consignor will get no matter what an item sells for when entering consignment inventory.
Apply Discounts to Items Converted to Store Inventory
This allows items that convert to store inventory to discount further based on your discount schedule set up in your Discount Settings. When turned off, items will keep the discount they are set at when they convert to store inventory.
Show Extended Item Info in Account Activity
By default, Account Activity on the Consignment tab only shows an item's description field after it sells. Turn this feature on if you want to also display the item's number and category.

Multi-location Companies

Make sure to complete this step for each location you have.
If this is the first time you are setting up your store, the next section to go to is the Receipt Options section.
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