Printing Consignment Labels

There are many ways to print labels in SimpleConsign. The first way to print labels is from the Add Consignor Inventory screen when adding inventory. This process is outlined in the Adding Consignor Inventory section of this guide.

The next way to print labels is to check the boxes next to the items and then clicking the "Print Labels" button. Check the "Print Total Quantity" to print enough labels for the total quantity of those items.

Printing Total Quantity

If you'd like to print a label for the total quantity of the selected item(s), check the "Print Total Quantity" checkbox before printing.

Also, you can narrow your search for items by selecting the status of "NO LABEL PRINTED" to view only the items you have not yet printed labels for.

The final way to print labels from the Consignment tab is to click on an item's SKU to bring up its details, entering how many labels you'd like to print for that item and clicking the "Print Labels" button.

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