Sold without Consignor

An item sold with a consignor attached to it this means it was sold as store owned inventory. There are two ways you can fix this.

  1. Make an account adjustment for the consignor that should have been credited for the item. At the end of month all the numbers should be correct because even though your store owned sales will show that item sold attached the store you will also have the account adjustment to show you did pay the consignor.

  2. Return the sale, find the item, attached it to the consignor, ring the sale again: - Grab the transaction number (also called invoice number) from the transactions tab. - Return the transaction, you will want to link a customer so you can do the return to store credit (to not affect the cash drawer or lose a credit card charge). If you don't have a customer to attach create a "store account" customer.

- Link the item to the consignor it should have sold under, you will do this under bulk edit because doubling clicking on the item won't show a consignor if it's store owned.

-Now ring up the item again using the store credit you created. This will create a new transaction and credit the correct consignor's account - which you'll see in their account activity.

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